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Privacy and Cookie policy


Privacy and Cookie policy

Privacy policy

DynaGroup regards your privacy as a fundamental value. We respect your privacy and ensure that the private information you provide to us is handled confidentially and with care. In an increasingly digital world, DynaGroup needs to collect and process personal data in order to provide the products and services you require. In this document, DynaGroup endeavours to explain its policy to protect your privacy and personal data.

Personal data
Personal data means all specific information relating to a natural person who can be identified. This includes your name, address, telephone number, e‑mail address, date of birth, products and services that you have used, information that you have provided via our website or other contact channels, etc.

Collection of personal data
DynaGroup records your data to carry out your assignment and improve the efficiency and quality of its services. DynaGroup may use your data to inform you about its relevant products and services.

Recording of telephone conversations between DynaGroup customers and its call centres
DynaGroup makes audio recordings of telephone conversations between callers and call centre staff. The following data are recorded or retained: identification data, telephone number, the conversation, time of the call, duration of the call, and the service to which the call relates.

Calls are recorded to improve DynaGroup’s service to customers, on the one hand through coaching and on the other hand based on analyses of large numbers of calls relating to the same service or to a particular problem that customers face.

DynaGroup’s websites
DynaGroup may process your personal data in order to provide you with feedback on a question, request, or complaint. The following data are then processed: your name, address, telephone number, e‑mail address, and a description of the question, request, or complaint.

For the use of cookies, we refer to our Cookie Policy, as described below.

Doorgeven van persoonsgegevens
DynaGroup gaat niet over tot het meedelen, verkopen, doorgeven of anderszins verspreiden van uw persoonsgegevens aan partijen buiten de DynaGroup om, tenzij met betrekking tot de uitvoering van de overeenkomst, tenzij dat wettelijk vereist wordt of tenzij u DynaGroup uw uitdrukkelijke toestemming hebt gegeven om dat te doen.

Op de websites kunt u links aantreffen naar websites van derden. Hoewel deze websites met zorg zijn geselecteerd draagt DynaGroup geen verantwoordelijkheid voor de omgang met uw persoonsgegevens door deze derden. Lees hiervoor het privacy statement van de website die u bezoekt.

Transfer of personal data
DynaGroup will not disclose, sell, transfer, or otherwise distribute your personal data to parties outside the DynaGroup other than in connection with the performance of the agreement, unless it is required to by law or you have given DynaGroup your express consent for this purpose.

The websites may contain links to third-party websites. Although we have selected these websites carefully, DynaGroup does not accept any responsibility for the use of your personal data by these third parties. Please read the privacy statement of any website you visit.

Data retention
Your personal data will be kept for as long as required by law, for the period required for the performance of the services, for the period required for dealing with complaints, and for thirty (30) days following your request for termination.

Data security
DynaGroup implements technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, access, or misuse. DynaGroup also undertakes to restrict access to personal data as much as possible and thus to grant access only when necessary. Employees who have access to the data have been informed of their data security obligations. Security measures will be reviewed regularly and adapted to ensure an appropriate level of security.

How can you check your personal data?
If you wish to access, rectify, erase, or restrict the processing of your personal data, object to the processing, withdraw your consent, or make use of data transferability, you can contact us at

You can also contact us with questions about the processing of your personal data at

This privacy policy applies to DynaGroup BV and all companies belonging to the DynaGroup.

Last updated: July 2021

Cookie Policy

Why DynaGroup uses cookies
DynaGroup uses cookies to collect and process your IP address and information about how you use our websites and mobile applications. These cookies are used to ensure the best possible user experience and to tailor the website or app to your needs and preferences.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that contains information. It is stored on your computer or mobile device by the server of a website or mobile application via your browser (e.g.for example, Chrome or Firefox) when you visit a website or use a mobile application.
The next time you visit this website or use this mobile application, the cookie is sent back to the server so that the website or app recognises your browser and remembers information like your choice of language.
Cookies generally have an expiration date. Some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (“session” cookies) while others remain on your device longer (“persistent” cookies).

What cookies does DynaGroup use
Different types of cookies are used on the websites of DynaGroup and its business units.

1. Necessary cookies
This type of cookie ensures that the website or mobile application works properly. These cookies are necessary for using certain parts of our websites, for example, to navigate between the different parts of the website and fill in forms.
This category of cookies is essential for the functioning management of the website or app and the proper functioning of all sections, and to remember your preferences when you visit our website or use our app. They are automatically active; you cannot disable them using this tool.
Depending on your browser, you can block all cookies in the browser settings, including necessary cookies. Part of the website or app may no longer work as a result.

2. Functional cookies
This type of cookie improves and customises your user experience by displaying relevant information based on your previous choices or browsing data. Some examples: allow the use of videos, remember your language preference over several sessions. These cookies improve your user experience, but if you do not accept this category of cookies, the website or app will generally still function.

3. Analytical cookies
This type of cookie is used to collect statistics on the use of the website or mobile application, including the date and time of a visit, the duration of the session, the pages or screens visited or the number of visitors.
They help us evaluate how visitors navigate the website or use the app. They also help us measure and optimise performance in order to improve the content and usability of the website or app.
All the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and, where possible, anonymised. You can choose not to accept these cookies, and they will not be placed on your device.

4. Advertising cookies
This type of cookie is used for commercial purposes; it collects information about your browsing behaviour in order to show you relevant advertisements or content that may be of interest to you.
In general, advertising cookies are placed on your device for a longer period, even several years. You can remove them manually in your browser settings at any time.
They work by identifying your browser and device. They can be activated on our website or mobile application by our advertising partners or by us. These partners can use them to profile your interests and provide you with targeted advertising on other websites:

– DynaGroup cookies: these advertising cookies are placed by DynaGroup.

– Third-party cookies: these cookies are managed by external partners or social networks. These partners can use them to profile your interests and provide you with targeted advertising on other websites or apps.

How it works
These cookies are installed while you browse on DynaGroup websites or mobile applications. They may present third-party content such as videos, audio files, news, advertising, etc. Since the browser connects to third-party web servers to retrieve content, those parties may set or read their own cookies on your device and collect information about your online activities on our websites or apps.
Depending on the pages you visit, these third parties may keep an up-to-date list of products or services that may be of interest to you. They can also send specific data to third parties.

Your consent
For cookie categories 2, 3 and 4 mentioned above, the processing of the data that is collected is based on your consent when you first visit the DynaGroup website or mobile application. You may withdraw your consent at any time. At the end of this information notice, you will find a complete list of the cookies that can be stored, classified by category.
Since category 1 cookies are necessary for the operation of the website visited or the mobile application used, your consent is not required. If you do not want these cookies to be stored, you may be able to block them in your browser settings. If your browser allows the blocking of mandatory cookies, doing so may prevent the website or app from working properly.
For more information, you can visit your browser’s support site.

This Cookie Policy applies to DynaGroup BV and all companies belonging to the DynaGroup.

Last edited: July 2021